We are pleased to invite you to experience the folklore
"The Magic of Rila Mountain," which will be held from 24 to 26 June 2016 in the resort Borovets 1350 m.


Union of hoteliers and resort owners Borovets and Samokov

Experience "The Magic of Rila Mountain" from 24.06 to 26.06. 2016 The first resort in the Balkans - Borovets, who turns 120 years.

At 24.06 familiarize yourself with enchanting herbs and aromatic herbs of Bulgaria, try berries and tea. Taste of real honey and spices and delicious Zelnik ( local cheese and cabage pie) of Beli Iskar and another surprise heroic pan. Choose a gift from the works of master craftsmen and applied.
The evening will be a concert by guest artists and entertainment to .....
At 25.06 welcome to the competition part of authentic folklore and developed. You can win the grand prize of the organizers that this year will be even more generous! Again, the evening will be fun and win and make new friends because folklore connects us in a wonderful embroidery of beautiful personalities, stitch by stitch.
At 26.06 soak in "The Magic of Rila Mountain" and climb a lift to Yastrebets peak, Musala hut, but for the avid to the Balkan champion Musala.

About us

Balkan PMS-Borovets was born as a result of a growing need for property management services from apartment / villa owners in Borovets and the nearby villages. Owners of these properties need someone on the ground who they can trust to look after their investment - that’s why Balkan PMS-Borovets is your ideal partner.



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